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Updated on 22 February 2014

If you spam the forum, or insult a member of the mod/admin team -- either via PM or publicly in the forum -- your account will be permanently banned. Otherwise, in most cases, posts will simply be deleted and you will be directed to these set of forum rules. However, repetitive breaching of the forum rules will result in the issuance of infractions and deletion of all associated posts. Finally, if the behavior continues, your account will be permanently ban!

#You are only allowed to embed videos which you have personally created and is not infringing any copyright. Embedding content which violates copyright law is strictly forbidden and will result in an infraction being issued.

#You're allowed only ONE account. If you create an additional account for yourself or another person, depending on the circumstances, you will receive an infraction and/or have your primary account banned, and the secondary account will be banned as well.

Each bar have 3 strike, 1 strike for 1 warning, too void warning read the information posted abova

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